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More Rapejihad in Newcastle: Five Muslims in the Dock.

  1. When we reached Khaybar, Mohammed said that Allah had enabled him to conquer them. It was then that the beauty of Safiyah was described to him. Her husband had been killed, so Allah's Apostle selected her for himself. He took her along with him till we reached a place called Sad where her menses were over & he took her for his wife, consummating his marriage to her, & forcing her to wear the veil.
  2. The Muslims said among themselves, "Will Safiyah be one of the Prophet's wives or just a lady captive & one of his possessions?"

So says the most trusted compilation of ahadith in Islamic scripture, Sahih Bukhari, in volume five, book 59. This demonstrates that the progenitor of Islam was a repulsive sexual abuser, who regularly captured non-Muslim women & used them as his personal playthings.

Because this filthy creature serves as Islam's moral exemplar, Muslims are obliged to emulate everything he ever did, no matter how egregiously criminal. This is why Muslims account for a vastly disproportionate number of sex criminals in Wester nations, with native Europeans being targeted.

England's grooming gangs, whereby Muslim immigrants exploit vulnerable English girls for underage sex up & down the country, are now a familiar horror. The five disgusting specimens who are 'from Newcastle' but need interpreters, & raped girls as young as 13, are the latest instance of Mohammed's example, as reported by MailOnline today (hat-tip to appleofeden_3 @appleofeden_3):

'Grooming' gang 'raped vulnerable girls as young as 13 after luring them to parties at a network of flats and plying them with alcohol and drugs'

  • Men, from Newcastle, allegedly lured victims to parties where they were abused
  • All five of the gang members, who can't speak English, deny all of the charges
  • Victims treated as 'commodities' and passed around different men, court heard

A gang is accused of raping and sexually abusing vulnerable girls as young as 13 after plying them with alcohol and drugs.

Six 'naive' victims were lured to parties at houses and flats, where they were expected to carry out sexual favours and services in return, Newcastle Crown Court heard.

Newcastle Crown Court, where the trial continues.

Soran Azizi, Palla Pour, Ribas Asad, Saman Obaid and Heiman Mohammed, all from Newcastle, are alleged to have committed a string of sex crimes including rape, paying for the sexual services of a child and trafficking.

The men, who spoke through interpreters, denied all 31 of the charges against them at a hearing today.

Some of the sexual acts were carried out by the victims consensually, because they were 'in thrall' to their abusers, in return for 'rewards' of drink and drugs, the jury was told.

But prosecutor Anne Richardson said the victims were 'forced' at other times or were so intoxicated they were unable to consent to what happened to them.

Miss Richardson claimed the women and girls were treated as 'commodities', passed around various men and sometimes believed they were in relationships with their abusers.

She told jurors: 'The case involves allegations of sexual exploitation and trafficking of young women and girls in the Newcastle Upon Tyne area of the North East of England.

'The alleged offences occurred over a number of years, namely between 2007 and 2014 and those who makes these allegations are, for the most part, immature and vulnerable people.

'It is the Crown's case that these personality traits were exploited by the defendants and that each of the young women were lured to various houses and flats where drugs and/or alcohol were made freely available to them.

'It is perhaps easy to make assumptions about the complainants based on their relative youth and their somewhat unusual lifestyles.

'But in due course, when you have heard all the evidence, you may consider that they were young, naive women, who were in the thrall to and under the control of these, for the most part, older and more worldly wise defendants.

'It is not always apparent to someone that what they are engaged in is in fact abusive and the law exists to protect those who cannot or do not want to protect themselves.

'In return, the Crown would say, these complainants were expected and encouraged to provide sexual favours and services, not because they wanted to do so, or through their own free and unencumbered will, but because they were beholden and in thrall to these men.'

Azizi, 28, from Newcastle, denies charges of rape, sexual activity with a child and trafficking within the UK for sexual exploitation. Pour, 25, from Newcastle, denies offences of sexual activity with a child, paying for the sexual services of a child, causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, supplying controlled drug to another and permitting his premises to be used for the supply of drugs.

Asad, 29, from Newcastle, denies sexual assault, paying for the sexual services of a child, conspiracy to arrange or facilitate the prostitution of a child, supplying a controlled drug, causing a child to engage in sexual activity and sexual activity with a child.

Mohammed, 26, from Newcastle, denies charges of sexual activity with a child, paying for the sexual services of a child and supplying a controlled drug.

Obaid, 26, from Newcastle, denies sexual activity with a child, paying for the sexual services of a child, conspiracy to arrange or facilitate the prostitution of a child and supplying a controlled drug.

All five men, who prosecutors say are all associated with each other but had varying roles in the offending, are being tried by a jury.

Miss Richardson said the alleged victims in the case were not all connected but all, to some extent, had experienced a difficult upbringing.

She added; 'All of them, on the Crown's case, were vulnerable people who were exploited by these defendants.

'On many occasions the sexual acts they performed with some of the these defendants were entered into on a consensual basis, due to the lure and promise of reward in the form of drink and/or alcohol.

'The Crown suggests this was because they felt compelled to return to the defendant's houses due to their addiction to alcohol and drugs and the hold the men had over them.

'Other times, the sexual acts were forced upon them, without their consent, and on still further occasions these complainants were so intoxicated with drink and/or drugs that they were totally incapable of giving consent at all.'

The court heard one alleged victim claims she passed out drunk, when aged around 14 or 15, at Azizi's flat and believes he had sex with her while she was unconscious.

Another woman claims she was kissed, twice, by Pour when she was just 13.

A third victim claims she was groped by Asad, while she was getting dressed after having consensual sex with Azizi at a party.

A fourth woman claims she was given speed, cocaine and cannabis while a teenager and 'gave in' to having sex with Asad due to pressure.

During one of the parties, the same alleged victim said she also had sex with Mohammed, who had plied her with drink and cannabis, when she was 15.

The court heard the behaviour became a habit and Mohammed would 'turn nasty' and verbally abuse her if she refused to have sex with him.

The same complainant said she was also sexually assaulted by Obaid, who told her he 'wanted something back' in return for the drink and drugs she had been given.

She said she continued to have sex with Obaid.

A fifth alleged victim said she was given 'whizz' by a man, who is not on trial, and Asad.

She said Asad asked her and her friend to have sex with Obaid in return for cannabis but both girls refused.

The alleged victim, who was a virgin, claims she was sexually assaulted by Asad and had consensual sex with Azizi because she was 'out of it' through drink.

The sixth alleged victim said she was about 14 when she had sex with Pour while high on drink and drugs.

The same woman would be transported to parties by Azizi, who knew she would be having sex with one of his pals when she got there, it is claimed.

Prosecutors claim Asad and Obaid conspired to turn two of the alleged victims into prostitutes, with the hope of making money for themselves The trial, which is expected to last up to six weeks, continues.

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Just How Immoral Are Mainstream Muslims? Labour MP Wishes to Silence Rapejihad Victims.

And let those who do not find the means to marry keep chaste until Allah makes them free from want out of His grace. And (as for) those who ask for a writing from among those whom your right hands possess, give them the writing if you know any good in them, & give them of the wealth of Allah which He has given you; & do not compel your slave girls to prostitution, when they desire to keep chaste, in order to seek the frail good of this world's life; & whoever compels them, then surely after their compulsion Allah is Forgiving, Merciful." So Allah tells his gibbering idolaters, giving them permission to pimp out their slave girls, in Koranic verse 24:33.

This is how vile Islam is & it explains a lot about what we have seen in Rochdale, Rotherham, Oxford, Bristol & sundry other English towns. The question is: how twisted & corrupt are even the most 'moderate' & mainstream Muslims, given that they are indoctrinated with this horrific doctrine, which can only be described as an anti-morality?

Not for the first time, Naz Shah MP provides a concise answer. In response to a tweet from a parody leftist account on Twitter, which stated the opinion that the victims of the Rotherham atrocity should keep quiet for the sake of diversity, she not only 'liked' the comment but shared it with her followers, giving us a clear insight into her moral character, as reported by MailOnline yesterday (hat-tip to Margot Parker MEP @‪MargotLJParker‬):

Labour MP and key Corbyn ally shares Twitter message telling Rotherham sex abuse victims to ‘shut their mouths for the good of diversity’ - just days after attacking a fellow party member for speaking out over the issue

  • Labour MP Naz Shah shared Twitter post telling sex abuse victims to shut up
  • It came days after she attacked fellow MP for speaking out on Rotheram scandal
  • Ms Shah's spokesman later said the Twitter incident was a 'genuine mistake'
  • She was previously suspended from Labour for making anti-semitic comments 

A rising star of the Labour Party who is a key ally of Jeremy Corbyn shared a Twitter post telling sex abuse victims of the Rotherham scandal to 'shut their mouths for the good of diversity'.

Naz Shah, who represents Bradford West, shared and liked the post by a parody account of newspaper columnist Owen Jones.

It said: 'Those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of diversity.'

It comes just days after Ms Shah, 43, penned an open letter attacking fellow Labour MP Sarah Champion for writing an article stating 'Britain had a problem with Pakistani men targeting vulnerable white girls'.

Ms Shah, a mother of three, later deleted her retweet and unliked the post.

But her actions were criticised by Equality and Human Rights Commission chief executive Rebecca Hilsenrath who said she should 'know better'.


She told The Sun: 'We need to keep the victims of these horrific crimes at the heart of the debate and always remember that diversity is not served by silence.'

As reported on MailOnline, Ms Shah, a Muslim, was suspended by the Labour Party in 2016 for making anti-semitic comments online.

Writing on Facebook, she said a 'solution' to the Middle East conflict is to 'relocate Israel into the United States', adding that 'transportation costs will be less than three years of defence spending... problem solved'.

The inflammatory outburst was accompanied by a map of America with a small section representing Israel shaded in.

Miss Shah later apologised in a statement to the Commons: 'I accept and understand that the words I used caused upset and hurt to the Jewish community, and I deeply regret that.'

She was then stripped of the Labour whip pending an investigation.

Her suspension was lifted three months later and she was welcomed back into the party.

On the Twitter posts, a spokesman for Ms Shah told the Sun it was a 'genuine accident rectified within minutes'.

The spokesman said: 'Her record speaks for itself. Naz has been working for over 20 years on the issues of child abuse, violence against women and grooming, which is well documented.

'She has and will continue to advocate for all victims, and work towards eradicating this evil from society.'

Her letter about Ms Champion's article in The Sun said the comments were nothing more than 'blanket, racialised loaded statements’'which stigmatised the Pakistani community.

The article, she said, published in the wake of the latest Asian sex grooming scandal in Newcastle, was 'irresponsible' and was 'setting a dangerous precedent'.

Miss Shah's stand was singled out for praise by Jeremy Corbyn. He posted her letter on his Facebook page, accusing The Sun, and by implication Sarah Champion herself, of using 'Nazi-like terminology about a minority community'. 

Ms Champion later left the Shadow Cabinet, in which she had served as Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities Minister, amid claims she was 'hounded out'.

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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Sennels Effect in Action: Loose Women Star Gets Death Threats.

It was the Danish criminal psychologist Nicolai Sennels who, as he toiled in his country's penal system, perceived several essential deficiencies in the unacculturated Muslim's mindset that render him hard-put to acclimatise to life in the West. These he eloquently described in an essay he penned for the New English Review in May 2010.

The traits which concern us here are: a fragile ego, for oneself or one's sense of identity, a hair-trigger temper & a lack of self-control. This combination often leads to violence in the home, eventuating in honour killings, but at the remove which social media provides mere death threats are hurled at the slightest provocation, as daytime television star Saira Khan discovered, as reported by MailOnline today (hat-tip to Terrier Dan @‪Webb79Dan‬):

'If you value your life keep the f*** out of Islam': Loose Women star Saira Khan receives death threat after posting Instagram bikini picture and telling a Muslim preacher to 'kiss my bottom'

  • Saira Khan, 47, posted a holiday photograph of herself in a bikini on Instagram
  • Shared the image with a caption telling a Muslim preacher to 'kiss her [bottom]'
  • An anonymous user wrote an abuse message in response to the defiant post
  • Ms Khan shared the message on Twitter and tagged the Metropolitan Police

Loose Women star Saira Khan has revealed how she received a death threat in response to a provocative bikini picture she posted on social media.

The television presenter, 47, who is Muslim, shared the Instagram photo of herself sunbathing on holiday alongside a caption blasting a female Muslim preacher who decreed it was 'sinful' for Muslim women to pluck their eyebrows. Ms Khan ended the ended [sic] the defiant post with the words: 'Here's my response - kiss my [bottom]'.

The offending photograph. Click to enlarge.

In response, an anonymous Instagram user posted a comment threatening the mother-of-two, writing: 'If you value your life keep the f*** out of Islam.'

Ms Khan, who has previously publicly shamed social media users for criticising her religion, later called out the troll in a tweet and tagged the official Twitter account for the Metropolitan Police, urging them to 'check it out'.

Ms Khan spoke out after a YouTube video emerged of Australian preacher Umm Jamaal ud-Din that showed her criticising women who pluck their eyebrows.

In the two-hour long sermon the teacher, who wears a burqua, claimed the practice was 'sinful'.

Posting the bikini picture on Instagram yesterday, Saira wrote: 'I woke up to news that A Muslim Preacher is saying that "plucking eyebrows" for Muslim women is a sin - here's my response - kiss my [peach emoji] you backward prehistoric dinosaur.'

Dozens of users praised Saira for speaking out against the conservative preacher.

One wrote: 'Best response I've seen in a while @iamsairakhan to something so silly.'

Another posted: 'Well said Saira, I love how you speak up for what you believe in on something like you say is so prehistoric.'

However others criticised Saira's attack, including anonymous user 'silverbengle', who wrote the threatening post.

The comment, which has since been removed from Instagram, read: 'Keep your f****** mouth shut! Your not a Muslim nor do you represent anything to do with Islam!!! Your white masters have given you what you desire as a sell out reporter!!! If you value your life keep the f*** out of Islam [sic].'

Ms Khan, a mother of two, shared a screenshot of the comment on Twitter, tagging the official Metropolitan Police account with a message urging officers to 'check it out'. 

The Twitter post received further supportive messages from followers, with one writing: 'Disgusting. I hope this is followed through Saira. Don't let it get to you'.  

Another added: 'Words fail shouldn't have to receive and deal with this stuff...awful.' 

It is not the first time Ms Khan has hit back at vicious online trolls.

Some other pictures of Saira Khan, if you're interested. Click to enlarge.

In May the star publicly called out a Muslim man who criticised her for baring her body in a candid shoot alongside her fellow Loose Women panellists.

In an impassioned online posted she told the troll to 'go and do one' and dubbing him a 'narrow minded, misogynistic, brainwashed, backward idiot'. 

The most recent example comes just days after Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), called for a surge in prosecutions against anyone suspected of committing 'hate crime' on social media.

She said wanted to see online abuse taken as seriously as assault or daubing vile graffiti on people's houses.

There have been several high-profile instances of successful prosecutions of people who had abused lawmakers and other public figures online.

A spokesman from the Metropolitan Police said: 'The Met's digital contact team @MetCC have DM'd a 47 year old woman with a view to formally reporting an allegation of malicious communications. Enquiries continue.' 

Saira posted his comment in full with a very heated response, telling the man to 'go and do one' and dubbing him a 'narrow minded, misogynistic, brainwashed, backward idiot'.

She added that it was her choice to take part in the shoot and 'if Allah doesn't like it - let him deal with me.'

She concluded the post: 'If a woman in a bikini offends your version of Islam - then seriously you should not be looking in the first place.'

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Friday, 18 August 2017

Carnage on the Costa: Islamic State Claims Credit for Dual Attacks.

"Fight & kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait & ambush them using every stratagem of war." So Allah the pagan moon god instructs his murmurous goons, in the 'Verse of the Sword', verse number 9:5 of his inglorious Koran & the most important.

The "every stratagem of war" clause means that anything & everything can be utilised by the soldiers of Allah in pursuit of killing the infidel, there is no longer any need to smuggle machine guns & hand grenades into a country when some evil jihadist can just plough a motor vehicle into a crowd. When this happened in Barcelona yesterday, was there a single person (apart from Leanne Wood) who didn't immediately known it was Muslims? Today, the Islamic State has announced that it orchestrated both Spanish attacks, as reported by The Independent:

Isis supporters celebrate Barcelona attack after the terror group claim responsibility
Several pro-Isis social media channels put out messages in Spanish such as ‘Kill the Spanish pigs’ and users changed their profile pictures to Driss Oukabir, a suspect in custody

Isis has quickly claimed the twin terror attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils – but even before a statement was issued by the group’s media channel Amaq, supporters online were celebrating the latest jihadi carnage on European soil.

At least 13 people died and more than 100 were injured after a van ploughed into people on Barcelona's Las Ramblas on Thursday evening. Later that night, police shot and killed five men in the coastal town of Cambrils – some of whom are reported to have been wearing explosive belts – after six bystanders and one police officer were also run over. 

It is common for Isis to claim international terror incidents, even if they have been carried out by so-called "lone wolves" with no conclusive links to Isis members in Syria and Iraq. 

A statement carried on Amaq said that "the perpetrators of Barcelona attack are [Isis] soldiers and carried out the operation in response to appeals targeting coalition countries." Spain is part of the international coalition lending military support and airpower to local Iraqi and Syrian forces targeting the group in its so-called caliphate.

As has become the norm in the aftermath of these attacks, social media posts celebrating the violence quickly popped up in Telegram channels used by Isis supporters.

Images and posts praising the carnage appeared. Previous threats to "reconquer al-Andalus" and of an "imminent attack" in Spain were also recirculated, although it's not clear if they have any connection to Thursday's events.

Several pro-Isis channels put out messages in Spanish such as "Kill the Spanish pigs" and users changed their profile pictures to Driss Oukabir, the Moroccan national in custody on suspicion of carrying out the Barcelona attack. "We are doing their children a favour by killing them," one supporter said.

Earlier this year Isis issued detailed guidance to its followers on how to commit "low tech" massacres using lorries, vans and cars, as well as instructions on how to launch knife attacks and take hostages. 

The move away from sophisticated explosives and firearms is supposed to make it harder for the authorities to detect planned attacks.

The events in Spain mirror several other incidents across Europe over the past two years: the UK suffered from car ramming attacks near Parliament in March and in London Bridge and Finsbury Park in June.

Another attacker hijacked a lorry and drove it into a department store in Stockholm in April, killing five people.

In 2016, the Berlin Christmas market attack killed 12, and the Bastille Day attack in Nice killed 86.

Thursday's incidents in Spain are Isis's first successful attack in the country, and the first jihadi terror attack in the country since 2004, when a cell linked to al-Qaeda blew up four commuter trains in Madrid, killing 192. 

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Allahu Akbar! Muslim Knifeman Murders One, Wounds Six Others in Turku Rampage.

"Surely those who disbelieve from among the followers of the Book & the polytheists shall be in the fire of hell, abiding therein; they are the worst of men." So Allah tells his demented devotees, in verse 98:6 of his miraculous & perfect book of garbage, the Koran.

Muslims are brought up to hate us, they are indoctrinated by such drivel as that quoted above. Our very existence torments them to such an extent that, without warning or preparation, they are liable to fly off the handle & try to kill the nearest non-Muslims to them.

This is what has come to be called 'sudden jihad syndrome' (SJS). In the last few years we have witnessed instances of SJS in Toulouse & Montauban (2), Ilford, Bradford, Edmonton, Afula in Israel, Manchester (2), Moore, Oklahoma, Quebec, Jerusalem (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ), Ottawa, New York, Mishor Adumim in Israel, Dijon, Detroit, Paris (2, 3), London (2), Gush Etzion in Israel, Grenoble, Seattle & New Jersey, Vasteras in Sweden, Kvissel in Denmark, Berlin (2), Hebron, Leytonstone, Belgrade, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Merced, California, Glasgow, Strasbourg, Nablus, Home Hill, Queensland, St Cloud, Minnesota & Ohio State University in a list that is badly in need of updating.

Now, some drooling feral zombie of Allah has run amok in the Finnish city of Turku, killing one & wounding six others, mostly women. Don't you find it funny that they mostly target women & girls? This report from MailOnline today (hat-tip to Britain First‏ @BritainFirstHQ):

BREAKING: One person killed and multiple victims including five women are injured after man goes on knife rampage in Finland before being shot and arrested

  • Several people have been stabbed in Turku, Finland after a knifeman's rampage
  • A witness reported seeing a body lying lifeless on the floor in the Market Square
  • Police have warned people to stay away from the area while they respond
  • Local media reporting that a woman with a pram was one of those stabbed
  • Did you see what happened, or do you know someone who did? If so, email or call 0203 615 0029

One person is feared dead after a man armed with a knife stabbed several people in Finland before being shot by armed police.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing at least one person lying dead on the pavement in the southwestern city of Turku.

Local media have said at least one man and five women are injured - including a woman who was pushing a pram.

Police shot a man in the leg before arresting him, according to reports, but they are now looking for more suspects.

In a video purporting to show the aftermath of the attack, people can be seen fleeing in the street.

It was also reported that a man was heard screaming 'Allahu Akbar' during the attack, but others have stressed this was merely misheard Finnish.

The Turun Sanomat newspaper said at least one person was killed in the attack.

'The government is following the situation in Turku closely and a police operation is under way,' tweeted Prime Minister Juha Sippila ahead of a cabinet meeting.

'Police are looking for other possible perpetrators of the crime in Turku,' security forces wrote on Twitter.

'They ask the population to leave and avoid central Turku.'

Scenes of carnage in Turku. Click to enlarge.

MTV3 television reported that police have raised security at Helsinki airport and at train stations.

In 2012, Finland's then-prime minister Jyrki Katainen escaped a knife attack in Turku while campaigning for municipal elections.

The man who approached him carrying a knife was found to be psychologically disturbed and no charges were brought against him.

According to local media site Uutiset, police tweeted: 'Several people stabbed in central Turku. People are requested to avoid the city centre.'

Moments later a suspect was shot in the leg and arrested.

Officials have warned people to stay away from the area.

Police have said they are upping security at Helsinki airport and train station in response to the incident.

Speaking to US broadcaster CNN, Kent Svensson, 44, said: 'This guy had this huge knife in his hand - and several times he was stabbing this person. People were just running everywhere.

'This guy was just constantly stabbing. He was just turning around, flinging his knife everywhere. There were people lying everywhere.

'People were screaming and running.

'We were just talking about what happened in Barcelona.

'We thought we were safe in Finland. And then this happens.

'The woman was on the ground. She was dead. It's just awful.

'I can just see this huge knife in his hand and he's just stabbing.'

According to Hufvudstadsbladet, witnesses have reported seeing people walking around with baseball bats in the area following the attack.

The attack comes just a day after at least 14 people were killed and over a hundred hurt in terror attacks in Catalonia.

More to follow...

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Gotcha! Pakistan's ISI Involved in Kabul Terrorism.

  1. Narrated Abu Hurayrah: The Prophet said, "Khosrau will be ruined, & there will be no Khosrau after him, & Caesar will surely be ruined & there will be no Caesar after him, & you will spend their treasures in Allah's Cause." He called, "War is deceit."
  2. Narrated Abu Hurayrah: Allah's Apostle called: "War is deceit."
  3. Narrated Jabir bin Abdullah: The Prophet said, "War is deceit."

So says the most trusted compilation of ahadith in Islamic scripture, Sahih Bukhari, in volume four, book 52. The fact is that deceiving the infidel is part & parcel of Islamic practice, they even have a name for it: taqiyya.

This is why predominantly Muslim countries cannot be trusted as allies of the West, Pakistan serving as a perfect example of duplicity in international affairs. The BBC (yes, the BBC) even produced two excellent documentaries about Pakistan's double-dealing in the matter of al-Qaeda & the Taliban, in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, embedded below:

Now it transpires that the Pakistani secret service, the ISI, has been caught sending agents into Kabul to commit acts of terror & sabotage. It also transpires that the latest ISI agent to be caught has had contact with both the Taliban & the Haqqani network, as reported by the Khaama Press today:

ISI agent arrested in Kabul while planning attack on Pul-e-Charkhi prison

An agent of the Pakistani military intelligence, inter services intelligence (ISIS), [sic, actually ISI] has been arrested by the security forces in Kabul as he was planning an attack on the major Pul-e-Charkhi prison.

The Afghan intelligence, national directorate of security (NDS), said the man was detained during an operation from Kabul city.

A statement by NDS said the detained suspect has been identified as Allah Noor who is originally a resident of Quetta city of Pakistan.

The detained agent confesses in a video published by NDS saying he wanted to have a role in the attack on Pul-e-Charkhi prison.

He also admits his involvement in organizing meetings between the ISI officials and Taliban leader Mullah Hebatullah as well as Haqqani network leader Sirajuddin Haqqani network in Pakistan.


Allah Noor says he started operations with the ISI in 2013 and had visited Kabul to gather information for the future plans apart from hatching plans for the attack on Pul-e-Charkhi prison.

The Afghan officials have long been insisting that the leadership councils of the Taliban group and the notorious Haqqani terrorist network are based in Peshawar, Quetta, and other parts of Pakistan from where they plan and coordinate attacks in Afghanistan with the support of certain government circles in Pakistan.

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Mosque Prayer Leaders in Kabul Misunderstand Islam, Plant Bombs.

"We will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve, because they set up with Allah that for which He has sent down no authority, & their abode is the fire, & evil is the abode of the unjust." So the pagan rock idol Allah tells his demented devotees, using the royal 'we' & referring to himself in the third person, in verse 3:151 of his repulsive raft of sanguinary gibberish, the Koran.

Now, it could be argued that this makes Islam ever so slightly nasty & violent, but no. We are reliably informed by our betters, such as David Cameron & Theresa May, that those who seek to kill us are perverting & misinterpreting the religion of peace & that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. The onus, however, is upon them, & those of their ilk, to explain why even the most pious – & recognisedly pious – Muslims regularly indulge in violence themselves, such as the ons who feature in this report from the Khaama Press today (hat-tip to The Religion Of Peace):

Mosque prayer leaders arrested for involvement in magnetic bombings in Kabul

At least two people were arrested for being involved in magnetic bombings in Kabul city amid a steep rise in such bombings in the city.

The officials in the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of interior said the two men were arrested earlier this week.

The officials further added that the two men were serving in a mosque as prayer leaders and were in the meantime involved in magnetic bombings.

According to the CID officials, the two men had recently planted a magnetic bomb in a residential house in the vicinity of the 10th police district of the city.

The suspects were arrested after the police forces were informed regarding the threats being issued to the residents of the house and the magnetic bomb was planted in their garage, the officials said.

They also added that the two men are in custody of the security forces for further investigations and it is yet not clear to which group the two men belong to.

The anti-government armed militant groups including the Taliban insurgents have not commented regarding the report so far.

This comes as there has been a steep rise in magnetic bombings in Kabul city and other key areas of the country during the recent months.

At least three people were wounded in a similar attack late on Sunday after a magnetic bomb planted in their vehicle went off in Deh Afghanan area of the city.

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Labour Party Defends Pakistani Paedophiles.

When we view all the benefits that multiculturalism has bestowed upon us in our own country: the riots, the bombings, the no-go zones, the general alienation & the industrial-scale sexual exploitation, we cannot escape the observation that the Labour Party was mostly behind it. From the Attlee government opening the floodgates in 1947, initially bringing the largely benign Afro-Caribbeans, to the steady ratcheting up of the foreignness of the cultures being brought in, eventuating in the mass importation of Afghan & Somali Muslims under Blair, it cannot be avoided that the undoing of British society has been a Labour Party project & wholly subsidised by the welfare state.

Thus, when the full horror of the industrial-scale sexual exploitation of vulnerable English girls, by Pakistani Muslims, becomes apparent to the previously deceived public, it is inevitably going to be the Labour Party which attempts to suppress any open discourse of this phenomenon & any adverse conclusions about the suitability of including Muslims in their grand project. Let it not be forgotten that it was mostly Labour councils who suppressed information about this exploitation for, in some cases, decades & there is also the uncomfortable association between senior Labour Party figures & paedophile advocacy groups.

Labour's current leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has responded pitifully to an article written by Sun journalist Trevor Kavanagh, which concluded with the question of what should be done about 'The Muslim Problem'. He likens this to the term 'The Jewish Problem', the phrase commonly bandied about in 1930s Germany in the prelude to the Holocaust.

Unfortunately, he fails to notice that the German Jews were not in the habit of sexually exploiting blonde German girls, forcing them into prostitution in accordance with their scripture. Not does he mention that the Jews of Germany never planted bombs on the Berlin U-Bahn or detonate nail bombs at music concerts. They didn't even burn down the Reichstag.

A gaggle of Labour MPs have signed a simpering letter to the editor of the Sun complaining about this, hopefully to no effect. Mr Corbyn has published this letter on his FaceBook page on Tuesday, the same day, curiously, that Sarah Champion was fired for admitting that Muslims are prone to this evil practice:

The Harris-Saville cases and the Rotherham scandal both show how serious the problem of sexual abuse is, the way it can arise in different parts of society and the need for effective action to tackle it.

Attempts to brand communities or ethnic or religious groups, wittingly or unwittingly, will only make that more difficult.

In recent days, The Sun has published statements that incite Islamophobia and stigmatise entire communities. That is wrong, dangerous and must be condemned, as Naz Shah's public letter does in the clearest possible terms.

The interests of victims of sexual abuse and the rigorous investigation into the underlying causes of that abuse are damaged by this kind of bigotry and prejudice.

With hate crimes against Muslims on the rise in Britain and Neo-Nazis inciting violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, we must stand in solidarity and unity with all our communities and not let hate divide us.

The pitiful whining of those who know the game is up. Click to enlarge.

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Pakistani Paedophile Begs Vigilantes for Mercy.

"Narrated Hisham's father: Khadija died three years before the Prophet departed to Medina. He stayed there for two years or so & then he married Aisha when she was a girl of six years of age, & he consummated that marriage when she was nine years old." So we are told, in Islam's most authoritative compilation of ahadith, Sahih Bukhari, in volume five, book 58, number 236.

So, Mohammed was a paedophile: he 'married' a six-year-old girl but waited a whole three years to have sex with her out of a sense of decency. Because this filth is al-insan al-khamil, the moral template for all Muslims to copy, we see Muslims featuring in Western nations' child molestation statistics more prevalently than men of any other culture.

As if we did not have enough paedophiles in the UK already, with our aristocracy, public schools & polity, we have also imported three million Muslims over the past few decades. Now, private citizens have stepped into the fray & are catching some of these animals. One example is Saiel Basha, who is studying computer science, as reported by MailOnline today:

Student, 23, cries and prays for mercy as he is snared by self-styled paedophile hunters trying to meet a girl, 13, for sex

  • Saiel Bashar, 23, travelled from London to Birmingham to meet a girl, 13, for sex
  • He was confronted by Paedo Hunters Not Glory Hunters in Sutton Coldfield
  • The computer science student begged the vigilante group not to call the police

This is the moment a computer science student cried and prayed for mercy after being snared by a paedophile hunting group.

Saiel Bashar, 23, travelled more than 100 miles from London to Birmingham believing he was going to meet a 13-year-old girl and sexually abuse her 'in her mother's bed' while she was at work.

But instead, the university student was confronted by members of the vigilante group 'Paedo Hunters Not Glory Hunters' outside Sutton Coldfield railway station.

Footage shows the members revealing to him that they were exchanging messages with him through a decoy account, rather than him speaking to a teenager.

They accused Bashar of bombarding the fictional teen with explicit messages and pornography for over a week before arranging to go to her house and 'take her virginity'.

When challenged he prayed for forgiveness and wept hysterically as vigilantes read passages from '300 pages' of sickening chat logs, while police made their way to the scene.

He allegedly offered to buy his would-be victim a mobile phone and give her lifts from school in return for sexual favours.

After meeting up it was said his plan was to buy condoms and baby wipes then take the girl home and molest her while her 'mother' was working a night shift.

Bashar - who claimed to be an international student from Afghanistan - said he had made a 'mistake' and denied having any sexual interest in children.

But after his arrest he pleaded guilty to attempting to meet an underage girl for sex following online grooming.

Footage of the confrontation was streamed live to Facebook on Friday, August 11 night and has been viewed more than 440,000 times.

It shows the bearded suspect pressing his palms together in prayer, begging the vigilantes: 'Don't call the police.'

He bows and scrapes to one of the men, who says: 'Don't pray to me.'

Bashar insists he is not a child molester and says: 'Sir, please. In my entire life, I would never do that kind of thing.'

But one of the men replies: 'You're here now. It's against the law, mate. It's called child grooming.'

The desperate pervert covers his face with his leather jacket and hangs his head in his hands.

A vigilantes says: 'Only one place you're going and that's HMP, courtesy of our Queen and our country and our laws. And in our country we do not stand for what you are doing.'

Bashar begs them to stop filming and pleads: 'I did a mistake. I wouldn't do it. Show some mercy, please.'

They reply: 'No mercy.'

He says: 'Sir, I'm studying computer science, please.'

One of the hunters laughs and says: 'Computer science? Well trust me, mate, you'll not be allowed on no internet. You'll be banned from it. Simple, done, finito.'

The pitiful suspect bursts into tears and promises on his 'mother's life' that if they let him go he will not do it again.

But they tell him: 'Don't work like that mate.'

He bashes his head against a billboard then turns his back to the camera, sobbing quietly to himself until officers arrive and make the arrest.

A spokeswoman for West Midlands Police confirmed Bashar is being held on remand awaiting sentence next month.

She said: 'Saiel Bashar, 23, from Stanmore, London, was arrested on August 11 in Sutton Coldfield.

'He was charged with arranging to meet with a child under 16 with the intent of sexually abusing the child.

'Bashar pleaded guilty at Birmingham Crown Court on Monday and was remanded in custody. He is due to be sentenced on September 11.'

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Islamic State Advertises Savagery in Latest Propaganda.

  1. Because of that, We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land - it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs. Then indeed many of them, [even] after that, throughout the land, were transgressors.
  2. Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah & His Messenger & strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands & feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; & for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment,

So Allah tells his benighted believers, in sura five of the most disgusting book ever written, the Koran. It is a funny thing, but Muslims trying to defend their hideous religion will partially quote verse 5:32, omitting the caveat about corruption done in the land, hoping that this will convince the naive infidel that Islam somehow values human life.

Taken as a whole, however, & in conjunction with verse 5:33, the truly sanguinary & barbarous nature of Islam becomes clear. Murder & mutilation are part & parcel of Islamic practice & when they don't feel the need to bamboozle the infidel, the soldiers of Allah brag about it. The latest propaganda released by ISIS demonstrates this, as reported by Arutz Sheva today:

ISIS' horrific pictures
ISIS terrorists punish wrongdoings with physical torture, including stoning, burning, chopping off limbs, and tossing people off roofs.

ISIS' Amaq news station released horrific images of the terror organization's treatment of LGBTQAI people, thieves, and non-believers.

Thieves have their hands cut off, while non-believers are shot in the back. Meanwhile, non-straight people - whom ISIS calls the "worst of creatures" - are thrown off roofs. One man who had premarital relations received lashes.

ISIS also ties nooses around men's necks and drags them behind trucks; burns people alive; and stones people.

One horrific picture shows a man standing on the edge of a building, about to plunge to his death; the next photo in the series shows him falling, and the third shows him dead, with his blood splattered on the ground, as ISIS terrorists continue to stone the dead body.

Another picture showed a man with his eyes covered, after his hand had been chopped off for thieving. Yet another shows a man who had been shot in the back of his head as "punishment" for leaving Islam.

While the current incidents occurred in the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor, ISIS torture occurs anywhere the terrorist organization has control.

Meanwhile, the Syrian government expects to launch a massive military operation against ISIS.

A Human Rights Campaign report said ISIS "has unleashed a reign of terror against civilians and vulnerable minorities living in areas it has seized, including barbarous violence against LGBTQ people. ISIS' extreme ideology is interpreted by its followers to require the death penalty for those who engage in sexual relations outside of heterosexual marriage, including same-sex sexual relations."

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"I'm going to kill everybody!" Screams Islamic State Supporter.

"Surely the vilest of animals in Allah's sight are those who disbelieve, then they would not believe." So Allah the spittle-saturated rock idol tells his ignorant idolaters, inciting hatred against the rest of us, in his very own swirling tome of trash, the Koran, in verse 8:55.

Those Muslims who have swallowed this filth despise us with every fibre of their being & cannot stand the fact that we even exist. This attitude persists even after they have come to live in our countries & it can sometimes get too much for them, leading some of them to explode in aggression against the infidel apropos of nothing. Case in point: one Rehab Dughmosh, who appears in this report from the Toronto Sun yesterday (hat-tip to The Religion Of Peace):

Accused terror-attacker refuses to attend court

A woman who openly pledged allegiance to ISIS refused to leave her prison cell Tuesday to attend court.

Rehab Dughmosh — who faces 21 charges, including terror-related offences — allegedly entered a Scarborough Canadian Tire store on June 3 and swung a golf club at staff.

"I'm here for Syria. I'm going to kill everybody," she allegedly shouted.

Dughmosh, 32, has told court in the past she only believes in Sharia law and not the Canadian justice system. She also refused to show up for court last month.

On Tuesday, she would not leave her cell to attend court at 1911 Eglinton Ave. E., and court guards can't use force to remove a prisoner from her confines without an order issued by a judge, said federal Crown attorney Bradley Reitz.

"When someone refuses to leave a cell and there is a threat of violence, we don't as a matter of course use force to remove the person," Reitz said.

"If court makes an order to bring an inmate to court, staff at the institution will comply and use force."

No such court order was made, but in an attempt to have Dughmosh make an appearance, a special video remand was scheduled on Thursday morning from the Vanier Centre for Women in Milton where she is being held.

"It's a concern that physical force has to be used, but if she continues to refuse, something will have to be done," said lawyer Ingrid Grant, who was appointed a friend of the court on Dughmosh's behalf since the accused woman has shunned defence counsel.

Grant added Dughmosh also needs an assessment to determine her fitness for trial.

"Her mental health needs to be addressed," Grant said.

During a previous court appearance, Dughmosh told court that she "meant to harm those people" during the Canadian Tire store attack.

She also said she would do it "again and again."

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The Immaturity of Muslims Revealed in Melbourne.

"You are the best of the nations raised up for men; you enjoin what is right & forbid the wrong & believe in Allah; & if the followers of the Book had believed it would have been better for them; of them (some) are believers & most of them are transgressors." So Allah the primitive pagan moon god tells his deluded devotees, bolstering their fragile egos in Koranic verse 3:110.

Muslims are indoctrinated with this drivel from birth, they imbibe it with their mothers' milk. One can almost feel sorry for them, as they are compelled to live in the countries that we built for a half-way decent life, & have to reconcile the cognitive dissonance they no doubt experience.

What of the handful of Westerners who convert to the death cult that is Islam? What is wrong with them? Are they normal, in & of themselves? It should be noted that they are not.

Converts to Islam often display behaviours which, outside of their newfound faith, single them out as somehow deficient in their character or development. Take one Sheikh Isa Graham, who can be seen giving a quite extraordinary performance of childishness in this report from MailOnline today (hat-tip to The Religion Of Peace):

Non-believers are on the nose: Preacher who converted to Islam says Muslims have cleaner bathrooms, are more polite and smell better than those who don't worship Allah

  • Islam convert Sheikh Isa Graham told a hardline group Muslims smell better
  • The Sunni preacher said Muslims had cleaner bathrooms and were more polite
  • He covered his nose with his hand in order to help make his point
  • He also told Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah conference Sharia law needs embracing

A preacher who converted to Islam has suggested Muslims smell better than non-believers.

Sunni sheikh Isa Graham used the analogy of a man accidentally walking into a hotel conference room to describe the superior cleanliness of Muslims.

'When he walks into our area, he should know there must be Muslims here,' he said, gesturing with his right hand covering his nose.

'Because the bathroom's the cleanest, the way that people are speaking to me is the most polite. And the smell is the best.'

However, the preacher with the hardline Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah Association also criticised moderate Muslims for failing to properly embrace Sharia law, an Islamic legal system which imposes punishment for adultery, among other things.

'Instead of being proud of the Sharia, we start to become defensive and we do not look at the Sharia in its correct light,' he said.

The Sunni sheikh said Muslims had a duty to spread their religion to everyone.

'First in the way we present ourselves and we behave as Muslims, then we start to articulate it to the people,' he said.

His sermon was delivered at the ASWJ's annual conference at the Hume Islamic Youth Centre in Melbourne.

His bathroom analogy to describe the cleanliness of Muslims was spoken three months after fellow ASWJ preacher Abdulghani Albaf raged against men who used public urinals.

'Every public, every male public toilet now has urinals where they just stand up like animals and urinate in front of one another,' he thundered.

'What's worse is we even have Muslims using these urinals.'

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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Show No Mercy! Implore Muslim Friends of Manchester Arena Bomber.

'When your Lord revealed to the angels: "I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads & strike off every fingertip of them."' So Allah tells his backward believers, in verse 8:12 of the book so violent, that if translated into Braille you could use it as a cheese grater, the Koran.

Islam is all about bloodshed, this is why jihadists like cutting heads off so much. Then there's nail bombs, such as the one detonated by the subhuman filth Salman Abedi among a crowd of mostly teenage English girls in Manchester Arena, killing 22.

It now transpires that this worthless specimen had a bunch of fellow Islamic goons rooting for him across the internet. It is a horrific thing to envisage these bearded, drooling filth cast into paroxysms of ecstasy at the dismemberment of a bunch of innocent girls but this is Islam. This report from the Mirror yesterday (hat-tip to The Religion Of Peace):

Manchester bomber Salman Abedi was urged to "show no mercy" by online Islamic extremists ahead of deadly terror attack
WARNING - DISTRESSING IMAGES: The callous killer who left 22 dead asked fellow jihadists for advice online before carrying out his brutal massacre, the FBI has discovered

Manchester bomber Salman Abedi was given the go-ahead for his suicide attack by online Islamic extremists.

Hard-liners urged him to "show no mercy" before the blast which killed 22 and injured more than 100 at the Ariana Grande concert.

And a series of sinister messages have revealed he was planning the outrage at least nine months before he blew himself up.

The FBI has obtained details of shadowy internet conversations between Abedi and suspected extremists in Syria and the US.

He had logged on to ask for advice about his rucksack murder plot.

Bodies of Ian Brady and Salman Abedi 'lie abandoned in same morgue as undertakers refuse to touch them'

Two of the men involved in the secret discussions were arrested just weeks before the deadly attack at the Manchester Arena on May 22.

One message, believed to be from Abedi, said: "Sheikh, I live in Manchester. I live among non-Muslims. I have found work with them. Am I allowed to kill them? Is it permitted to kill them with a bomb?"

The unamed sheikh, who is thought to have been a member of Islamic State living in Syria, replied with a quote from the Koran: "Fight the pagans all together."

Carnage in Manchester, where mostly teenage girls were murdered. Click to enlarge.

An American, understood to be Said Azzam Mohamad Rahim, allegedly said: "To the boy from Manchester I say, OK, kill them! Show no mercy to civilians."

Survivor seriously injured in Manchester attack tells of bumping into terrorist seconds before blast that killed 22 people

Rahim was arrested by police in Dallas, Texas, in March, as he tried to board a plane to Jordan.

He was later charged with making false statements to the FBI about his support for IS.

Rahim, 40, is said to have praised the New Years Eve shooting which left 39 dead at an Istanbul nightclub and the lorry attack in Nice, France, in July last year, in which 84 people died.

A third man, believed to be Mouner El Aoual, 28, a Moroccan-born Islamist living in Italy, is understood to have followed but not contributed to the conversations.

He was arrested in Turin in April on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack.

Lee Rigby's sister Courtney vows to help Manchester Arena bereaved as she befriends victim Olivia Campbell's sister

It has been claimed he supported the IS plan to establish an Islamic Caliphate and encouraged attacks on "unbelievers".

Abedi, 22, used the secure messaging app Zello to communicate with his supporters.

The app, which was allegedly used before the Istanbul terror attack, combines social media with telephone and radio functions.

It is designed for use on smart phones, tablets and computers and allows users to speak to others who haves the app.

Zello can run on little battery power, so people in areas far from electrical power supplies can use it.

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