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Rapejihad in Waltham Forest Rises 152% since 2008. How Could It Be?

  1. When we reached Khaybar, Mohammed said that Allah had enabled him to conquer them. It was then that the beauty of Safiyah was described to him. Her husband had been killed, so Allah's Apostle selected her for himself. He took her along with him till we reached a place called Sad where her menses were over & he took her for his wife, consummating his marriage to her, & forcing her to wear the veil.
  2. The Muslims said among themselves, "Will Safiyah be one of the Prophet's wives or just a lady captive & one of his possessions?"

So says the most trusted compilation of ahadith in Islamic scripture, Sahih Bukhari, in volume five, book 59. We see from this that Mohammed was a serial sexual predator who thought nothing of kidnapping non-Muslim women & using them as sex slaves.

This unedifying & unflattering anecdote is recorded for the purposes of education. Mohammed is the moral template all Muslim men are enjoined to emulate & so we see a vast increase in sex crimes wherever there is an influx of Muslim men. Just ask the women of Cologne.

Since successive British governments have been negligent in stemming the tide of Islamic immigration over the decades, we are seeing an immense demographic change. It is for this reason that urban areas are recording an escalation in sex crime statistics. You might feel disposed to explaining this to Joe Roberts, who gives his email address at the bottom of this report from the East London & West Essex Guardian yesterday:

Sexual offences in Waltham Forest up 152% since 2008

SEXUAL offences in the borough continue to be at their highest point since a national standard for logging crimes was rolled out 14 years ago.

New crime figures released yesterday (June 20) by the Office for National Statistics have shown a steady rise in sexual offences in the borough since 2003.

The last quarterly figure for March, 2017, was 537, when at the same point last year, there were 479 sexual offences recorded, revealing a 12 per cent increase.

More shockingly, at the same point in 2008, there were 213 sexual offences recorded.

This reveals a 152 per cent rise in sexual offences recorded over the last nine years.

The Metropolitan Police has been contacted for a comment.

Why do you think sexual offences in the borough are continuing to rise?

Contact reporter, Joe Roberts, on with your views.

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Toxic Islamic Apologist Tries to Belittle Terrorist Threat on Australian Television.

  1. Narrated Abu Hurayrah: The Prophet said, "Khosrau will be ruined, & there will be no Khosrau after him, & Caesar will surely be ruined & there will be no Caesar after him, & you will spend their treasures in Allah's Cause." He called, "War is deceit."
  2. Narrated Abu Hurayrah: Allah's Apostle called: "War is deceit."
  3. Narrated Jabir bin Abdullah: The Prophet said, "War is deceit."

So we are reliably informed, in the most trusted compilation of ahadith in Islamic scripture, Sahih Bukhari, in volume four, book 52. This amply demonstrates to us that Mohammed was quite content to lie in order to advance his agenda.

At the time this agenda was simply to accrue political power, other people's money & sex slaves. Since his death, his concocted scripture solidified into the death cult of Islam that Muslims are taught to follow to the letter.

This is why spokesmen for Islam in Western media tend to be such a shower of slimy, mendacious scumbags. They are practicing the Islamic doctrine of taqiyya, the doctrine of deceiving the infidel as to the ultimate goals of Islam. They even have a name for it.

Case in point, the loathsome Mehdi Hasan, who has previously featured on this site describing the rest of us as cattle for our intellectual inability to properly understand the swirling screed of piffle Muslims are pleased to call the word of some putative creator of the Universe.

He has appeared on Australian television telling the kuffar that Islamic terrorism is not a problem because it so far has killed so few people that more die from accidents than from jihadists. That's it, infidel, go back to sleep, there's nothing to fear, the caliphate is a long way away. This report from MailOnline on Thursday:

'I've never met a bunk bed that wanted to destroy Western values': Muslim journalist slammed over claims Australians are more likely to die from a furniture accident than an Islamist terror attack

  • Al Jazeera's Mehdi Hasan says falling out of bed more dangerous than terrorism
  • The U.K.-born commentator argued traffic accidents killed more than terror
  • Turnbull minister Matt Canavan replied bunk beds weren't out to form caliphate
  • Hasan is latest overseas ABC Q&A guest to compare terror with home accident

A Muslim journalist from the Qatar government-owned Al Jazeera network says Australians are more likely to die from falling out of bed than a terrorist attack.

Mehdi Hasan, a Shia, told the ABC terrorists killed fewer people than traffic accidents or domestic violence.

'The statistics show you're more likely to be killed falling out of bed in the morning in Australia than be killed by a terrorist later in the day,' he told the Q&A program.

'Terrorism is a threat but compared to the other threats we face, from crime, murder, it isn't the threat that some politicians make it out to be.

'You're more likely in the United States to be killed by your furniture falling on top of you than a terrorist.'

Turnbull government minister Matt Canavan, who is also a Nationals senator for Queensland, slammed Hasan, an English-born journalist now based in the U.S., for downplaying the threat of Islamist terrorism.

'I haven't met a bunk bed that wants to establish a caliphate and destroy Western, liberal values,' he said on Monday night.

'There's a fundamental difference between a random, tragic act, falling out of a bunk bed or having a fridge fall on you or something and the considered, ideological, strategic attempt to spread terror throughout the society.'

Hasan, whose employer Al Jazeera is owned by a Sharia law government in the Middle East, is the latest international guest on the taxpayer-funded Q&A program to downplay the threat of terrorism.

In May, American cosmologist Lawrence Krauss conflated the risk of terrorism with a household accident.

'You're more likely to be killed by a refrigerator in the United States falling on you,' he said.

'You're more likely to be killed by a refrigerator in the United States falling on you,' he said.

Not to be outdone, fellow guest panellist Mona Chalabi, the data editor with the left-leaning Guardian website, said the media lost interest in a New York maniac who drove a car into Times Square pedestrians, killing an 18-year-old woman, because his name wasn't Mohammad.

'The threat of Islamic fundamentalism, if you want to view it in terms of number of dead bodies, which, as awful as it sounds, is the way to kind of make sense of some threat, actually, really, isn't that present,' she said.

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'Death to Jews!' Cries Imam in Toronto.

"The Prophet went out after sunset & heard a dreadful voice. He said, 'The Jews are being punished in their graves.'" So we are told, in Islamic scripture's most trusted compilation of Mohammed's example, Sahih Bukhari, in volume two, book 23, number 457.

The fact is that the progenitor of Islam hated Jews to his marrow, they were the first people to laugh in his face over his fatuous & transparent claims to hear voices from the creator of the universe. As Mohammed is considered the moral exemplar for Muslims to follow, they all hate Jews too.

Forget Israel as the root cause of Islamic Jew-hatred, Muslims hate Israel because of Jews, not the other way around. The strange fact is that Islamic leaders are prepared to admit this openly, as illustrated in this report from the Toronto Sun yesterday (hat-tip to The Religion Of Peace):

Imam's lecture leads to hate-speech complaint

And so it continues.

The Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre (FSWC) has filed a hate-speech complaint with Toronto police about yet another imam who recently allegedly called for the elimination of Israelis and Jews at an annual protest known to promote anti-Semitism.

Maulana Syed Mohammad Zaki Baqri of the Pickering-based Council of Islamic Guidance and the corresponding Al Mahdi Centre allegedly told the June 24 Al Quds Day rally in a combination of English and Arabic that Jews and Israelis need to be eliminated for what they've apparently done to the people of Gaza.

"The systematic elimination of Jews ... Israelis, Zionists should know ... It is the law that whoever oppresses, he has to be eliminated. One day or another," the imam is heard saying to the crowd, several of whom are waving anti-Israel placards.

FSWC CEO Avi Benlolo said the complaint was filed two weeks ago with Toronto police hate crimes unit after their staff videotaped the proceedings of the event, which occurred at the Toronto-owned park north of Wellesley St. and Queen's Park proper. He said some 2,000 people attended, including students and youngsters.

Efforts to reach Baqri by phone and by e-mail at both the Council of Islamic Guidance and the Al Mahdi Centre were unsuccessful Thursday.

Meaghan Gray of the Toronto police confirmed their hate crimes unit is reviewing the FSWC complaint.

In years gone by the Iranian-sponsored event was held on the lawn of Queen's Park with the blessing of the provincial sargeant-at-arms and the speaker of the Legislature.

But Benlolo said this year they launched an online petition beforehand to ensure the provincial Legislature was not used "by these people to spew their hate."

Instead, the crowd moved to the adjacent Toronto-owned park, without a permit to do so.

When I asked the city's Municipal Licensing and Standards (MLS) officials whether the Al Quds Day organizers would be fined for not obtaining a permit, I was informed that people can't get a permit to protest in a city park.

When I further explained that the event occurred on June 24 without a permit and 2,000 people attended, I got this bizarre response from MLS executive director Tracey Cook:

"Ticketing or other action against unpermitted gatherings in any of Toronto's parks is undertaken by the Municipal Licensing and Standards Bylaw Enforcement and/or the Toronto Police Service, as appropriate," she said. "The City received an anonymous call about a potential protest, but did not receive any complaints and were not in attendance."

In other words they did not investigate and the Al Quds organizers were free to do as they wished in a city park, permit or not.

Benlolo said the most difficult thing for him to see was the young people involved in the protest who were listening to Baqri and "being taught to hate" Jews.

He said more and more incidents of hate speech are coming to light because hate speech charges are not being laid by the police.

"This is creating a precedent ... it is allowing people to have the freedom to preach hate," he said.

Benlolo said the charge laid recently by the Montreal police hate crimes unit against Sheikh Musa Al Nasr should provide the Toronto police "with the impetus" to do the same.

Al Nasr was charged with the wilful promotion of hatred following a sermon last December at Montreal's Dar-Al-Arqam mosque. He is believed to be back in Jordan.

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Honour Killing in Kingston: Teenager Left in Freezer.

  1. So they went on until, when they met a boy, he slew him. (Musa) said: "Have you slain an innocent person otherwise than for manslaughter? Certainly you have done an evil thing."
  2. He said: "Did I not say to you that you will not be able to have patience with me?"
  1. "And as for the boy, his parents were believers & we feared lest he should make disobedience & ingratitude to come upon them:
  2. "So we desired that their Lord might give them in his place one better than him in purity & nearer to having compassion.

So it says, in sura 18 of Allah's execrable tome of swirling, semi-literate delirium, the Koran. This wholly concocted anecdote from the already dubious life of Moses sets the moral principle for murdering one's own offspring for the crime of disobedience.

In common parlance, this is termed 'honour killing', something we in the UK have become familiar with due to the cultural enrichment our leaders gifted to us without our asking. This is how we know that the 'Asian' family implicated in this story from MailOnline today (hat-tip to Tommy Robinson 🇬🇧‏ @TRobinsonNewEra) is neither Hindu nor Sikh:

Teenage girl, 19, is found dead in the freezer at £1.5m London home as her cousin flees from the property with a slit throat after they were KIDNAPPED in suspected honour killing

  • A teenage girl has been found stabbed to death in Kingston, south west London
  • She was found at the £1.5million home, allegedly in a freezer, on Wednesday
  • She was kidnapped along with her cousin by a man they knew, police said today
  • Two men have been arrested on suspicion of murder and a woman on suspicion of assisting an offender

A teenage girl was stabbed to death and stuffed in a freezer in a suspected honour killing after she and her cousin were kidnapped and taken to a £1.5million home by a man they knew, it is alleged.

The 19-year-old's body was found 'stuffed in an American-style fridge freezer' at a detached property in Kingston-on-Thames, west London, on Wednesday evening.

A second woman, 21 - understood to be the dead victim's cousin - managed to escape the property after being slashed across the throat.

She banged on doors in the neighbourhood for help, before she arrived at a hospital with stab wounds and cuts, where staff alerted police. She remains in a serious condition.

A 33-year-old man, who was believed to have been fleeing the country, was later arrested in Dover, Kent, on suspicion of murder and attempted murder. Another man, 28, has been arrested in New Malden on the same allegations.

Neighbours indicated the crime is an honour killing and the police said they were 'keeping an open mind' on the motive, but the relationship between the women and the suspects has not been confirmed.

Officers said the two women knew the man who took them to the property and that they are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.

The case has now been referred to the IPCC after officers took three hours to find the teenager despite the pair being reported missing.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police also added that the dead woman was discovered 'intact' amid reports her body had been cut up.

Today, forensic officers were today seen combing the Kingston home for evidence.

A large silver fridge freezer, believed to be where the woman was found, could be seen in the hallway while a Renault Clio with smashed windows was parked in the driveway.

It is not clear who lives at the home - which is owned by a landlord who lives next door - but the six-bedroom property is currently undergoing renovation and the owners are believed to have given the keys to a building firm.

A 29-year-old woman has also been arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender. She has been released pending further investigation.

Detective Chief Inspector Samantha Price, who is leading the investigation, said officers were keeping an 'open mind' but that kidnapping was one line of inquiry.

She added: 'Our investigation is at an early stage, and we are doing everything we can to fully understand the circumstances of this terrible attack on two young women.

'At this stage one line of enquiry is that the two women were taken against their will to the address in Kingston, by a man who they both knew. They were last seen safe and well at an address in Merton, prior to being police being contacted about concerns for their safety and welfare.'

She said both women had been subject to a 'violent attack'.

'Fortunately one of the women managed to get away from the address and seek help, how this happened will form part of this investigation,' she said.

'I am keeping an open mind as to the motive, but we are not currently looking for anyone else in connection with this case.'

Police were first alerted over concerns for the welfare of the two women at around 5pm on Wednesday.

The Met said officers searched two addresses - one in Sutton and another in Merton, both in south London - but that neither woman was at either address.

They understood the women had been seen 'safe and well' earlier at the Merton address.

Inquiries continued until they were alerted by hospital staff at 7.18pm, who treated the 21-year-old.

Officers then carried out a detailed search of the detached property where they made the grim discovery.

A neighbour, who refused to be named, said: 'Relatives told me that the man was Asian and was caught at Dover trying to leave the country.

'I heard he kidnapped them both and chopped one of them up and put her in the freezer.

'I heard he slit the other one's throat.

Grisly scenes: crime scene technicians at the death house in a leafy London suburb. Click to enlarge.

'When the relative told me earlier I thought "oh my God that is awful".

'There was at least six or seven cars maybe more and at least ten relatives here.

'I spoke to the neighbours earlier and they said that the person who rented the house out had only done so at the weekend.'

The home is owned by a landlord who lives next door, and applied to Kingston Council earlier this year for permission to create two homes.

On May 19, planning permission was denied, but a new application was submitted just 11 days later. It is currently at the consultation stage of the process.

A family friend of the owners told The Sun: 'The girls had got mixed up with a gang of guys. One wanted to marry one of the boys and her family couldn't take that.'

Bernett Thrones, 39, a neighbour, said: 'I could hear running on the gravel drive and then a loud knock.

'It was very sudden and very loud. I had a facemask on, but I jumped up and went downstairs.

'By the time I opened the door the person was gone. I could hear them running away on the stones.

'It was strange but I didn't realise how serious it was until the police came later.

'It's a horrible shock.

'You can't believe something like this could happen across the road.'

Another neighbour said: 'The police came round and told me they were looking at a window of 1:30pm and 3pm when they went into the house.

'I wasn't at home then, but all the relatives looked south Asian I think.'

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Repulsive Muslim Who Desecrated Children's Graves in Sydney Spared Gaol.

"Surely the vilest of animals in Allah's sight are those who disbelieve, then they would not believe." So Allah the primitive pagan moon god tells his backward & ignorant devotees, in verse 8:55 of his nasty & semiliterate time of trash, the Koran.

The sad & unpleasant fact about Islam is that those Muslims who take this garbage seriously hate us with every fibre of their being for the nugatory crime of not believing in their spittle-saturated rock idol. Those Muslims for whom terrorism is a bit too much of a bother might choose to exhibit this hate in other ways, this is why Pakistanis rape English girls. Nassem Raad, of Sydney, chose to smash Christian children's graves, as reported by MailOnline today (hat-tip to Toni Bugle, Matriot @‪DICS131294‬):

Vile man, 23, who refused to apologise for breaking into a cemetery and desecrating babies' graves is SPARED jail

  • Man who desecrated up to 70 graves included children's has escaped jail time
  • Nassem Raad was charged with recklessly destroying the gravestones
  • 21-year-old has received a nine-month suspended sentence and fined $63,450

The man who desecrated up to 70 graves, including those of children and babies, has escaped jail time despite showing no remorse.

Nassem Raad was charged with recklessly destroying the gravestones at Rookwood Cemetery in Sydney's west in 2015.

A court heard the 23-year-old showed no remorse for his actions and received a nine-month suspended sentence and fined more than $60,000.

Raad was sacked from his full-time job as a stonemason after his employers learnt of the horrific crime. 

Horrific images taken of the cemetery following the attack showed turned over and smashed gravestones, flowers scattered across footpaths and candles turned upside-down.

Teddy bears, trucks and other children's toys were damaged and littered across the facility, with even religious icons such as cross smashed into pieces.

The attack seemed to be targeted, with many of the destroyed resting places belonging to people and children of Greek and Ukrainian backgrounds.

Magistrate Eve Wynhausen told the court Mr Raad had shown 'no remorse' and continues to deny causing any of the damage.

Despite being found guilty, Raad told reporters waiting outside court last week that he 'didn't do anything', flanked by friends who aggressively pushed cameramen out of the way as they walked to their car.

Mr Raad will have to pay $63,450 in damages on top of his suspended sentence. 

At a previous court appearance, his co-accused - who pleaded not guilty at the time - was confronted by Russian Orthodox men dressed as soldiers.

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Penned Like Pigs, Islamic State Filth Unwilling to Accept Martyrdom in Mosul.

"Therefore let those fight in the way of Allah, who sell this world's life for the hereafter; & whoever fights in the way of Allah, then be he slain or be he victorious, We shall grant him a mighty reward." So Allah promises his bloodthirsty savages, bribing them with entry into his heavenly brothel in the event of them getting killed, in Koranic verse 4:74.

There are times, however, when one has to speculate as to whether the most vicious terrorists even believe this preposterous drivel, given that so many of them are willing to be captured by the infidel. The remaining scum holding out for the caliphate in Mosul are now being held in horrible conditions & are in fear of their lives, bless their little cotton socks. Try to summon as much compassion as you can as you read this report from MailOnline today:

'They are not human beings': Scores of suspected ISIS fighters sit crammed inside a jail in Mosul... as Iraqi lieutenant who boasts he 'sent one captive to Hell' says they deserve to die

  • Pictures show ISIS suspects huddled together in a prison south of Mosul in Iraq
  • Comes as an Iraqi lieutenant revealed the thirst for revenge among army ranks
  • Soldier revealed he had 'sent one captive to Hell' and that they deserved death 
  • Clip recently emerged of ISIS suspects being launched off a high wall in Mosul

Scores of suspected ISIS fighters are being held in a cramped jail in Mosul amid claims Iraqi troops committed human rights abuses retaking the city.

Pictures show men huddled together on the floor in 45C heat in a prison with no electricity or ventilation to the south of the war-ravaged city, which was recently free from the terror group's control.

The images, showing young and old suspected jihadists, emerged as an Iraqi lieutenant revealed the thirst for revenge among army ranks and insisted ISIS militants 'are not human beings.

He also revealed how he interrogated one suspect before 'sending him to hell' and insisted ISIS jihadists who brought terror to the country deserved to die. 

The Iraqi officer who oversees the make-shift jail facility said it currently holds some 370 prisoners.

He says authorities were overwhelmed with detainees as Iraqi forces cleared the last neighborhoods of the city earlier this month at the end of a grueling nine-month campaign.

'Prisoners are infected with diseases, lots of health and skin problems, because they're not exposed to the sun,' he said. 'The majority can't walk. Their legs are swollen because they can't move.' He said a provincial health team checks on the prisoners 'occasionally.'

More than 1,150 detainees have passed through the prison over the past three months, with 540 sent to Baghdad for further investigation, the officer said. 

Another 2,800 prisoners are being held in the Qayara air base south of Mosul, and hundreds more in a few smaller facilities. The officer spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to brief reporters. 

Prisoners who were discreetly interviewed by the AP insisted they were innocent. They spoke on condition of anonymity, fearing reprisals.

'You won't find 10 real (ISIS members) among these guys. And all of them have spent more than six months here,' one prisoner said out of earshot of the guards. 'Since I got here eight months ago, I've only seen the sun once.'

He said he was a civil servant and had traveled between Baghdad and Mosul on several previous occasions before being detained.

'They said my name was in their database. I haven't seen any court or judge. I don't even know what I'm accused of. A lot of names are the same,' he said.

He said two prisoners had died in the packed holding cell. Some prisoners 'have pus coming out of their wounds. Once they go to the hospital, they come back with amputated legs or arms.'

'We really want to die,' another prisoner said. 'None of us have received any visitors, relatives, family members. They don't even know where we are.' 

The country's prime minister Haider al-Abadi has acknowledged Iraqi forces committed human rights violations, but insisted that these were 'individual acts' for which the perpetrators would be punished.

ISIS militants were notorious for atrocities, both against civilians and Iraqi security forces, often hunting down anyone connected with the police or military after they overran territory. 

And for some Iraqi soldiers, the fight against ISIS in Mosul has been a slow, methodical quest for revenge. For three years, one lieutenant has hunted for two ISIS militants from his village who he believes killed his father.

Along the way, he has shot to death detained militants after interrogating them, he acknowledges unapologetically.

And if he catches either of the men he is searching for, the lieutenant vows he will inflict on him 'a slow death' and hang his body from a post in the village after forcing him to reveal where his father's body is buried.

That sort of thirst for vengeance in the wake of military victories is fueling extrajudicial killings of suspected ISIS members at the hands of Iraqi security forces in and around Mosul. 

Videos that emerged last week showed troops in Mosul taking captured ISIS suspects and throwing them one by one off a high wall next to the Tigris River, then shooting their bodies below.

Speaking to The Associated Press, four Iraqi officers from three different branches of the military and security forces openly admitted that their troops killed unarmed and captured ISIS suspects, and they defended the practice.

They, like the lieutenant, spoke on condition of anonymity because they acknowledged such practices were against international law, but all those interviewed by AP said they believed the fight against ISIS should be exempt from such rules of war because militant rule in Iraq was so cruel.

However, the killings risk tipping Iraq back into the cycles of violence that have plagued the country for over a decade, according to Belkis Wille, Iraq researcher with Human Rights Watch. 

ISIS was able to attract recruits in the past because of people's anger over abuses, including arbitrary detentions, torture and extrajudicial killings, she said.

If abuses continue, 'all you're going to see is (that) young Sunni Arab men are going to want to join whatever the next extremist group looks like,' she said. Despite the military's vows not to tolerate it, she said no soldier or commander has been held accountable for any killings.

The bloodshed reflects the deeply personal nature of the fight against ISIS. 

When the militants overran Mosul and large parts of northern and western Iraq in 2014, they specifically targeted members of the military and security forces and their families for brutal atrocities. 

Near Tirkrit, ISIS massacred some 1,700 captured military recruits and buried them in mass graves that have been uncovered since. 

Hundreds of policemen and soldiers in Mosul are believed to have been killed after the takeover. Militants made no attempt to hide atrocities.

Defense Ministry's spokesman, Brigadier General Tahseen Ibrahim, said that authorities 'have not registered any incident of revenge killing, whether carried out by security forces or residents. The situation is under full control and we will not allow such incidents to happen because this issue is very sensitive and leads to violent reactions.'

But a senior Iraqi officer said his troops regularly killed men who were said to be ISIS among civilians fleeing the city at screening centers in and around Mosul. 

He spoke on condition of anonymity because of the possibility it could prompt legal repercussions.

'When an entire group of civilians tells us, "This man is Daesh," yes, we shoot him,' he said, using the Arabic acronym for ISIS.

'When you're facing a man who has killed your friends, your family, yes, sometimes the men get rough,' he added. 'But for us, this is personal.'

The lieutenant said the two men who killed his father were well known in his hometown, a small village south of Mosul. He agreed to share his story with the AP because he wanted to show how personal the fight is for Iraqi troops. 

Two of his colleagues confirmed his version of events. The AP is not revealing the names of the men he is pursuing because there is no way to confirm independently they belonged to ISIS.

The lieutenant said his father was an officer in the security forces who fought al-Qaeda, the predecessor to ISIS, in 2007, at the height of Iraq's sectarian violence.

After ISIS seized the village in 2014, the tribes that were once kicked out for al-Qaeda ties moved back in, and ISIS installed them in security and administrative positions.

According to the lieutenant, two men grabbed the lieutenant's father outside his home. The two were among those previously expelled for al-Qaeda ties, he said.

The lieutenant was away, and his neighbors told him his father had been killed and who did it. He said he was told the men boasted about it in public. ISIS fighters also killed the lieutenant's uncle and more than a dozen other friends and relatives.

The lieutenant keeps an old picture of the two men on his phone. He said a handful of other troops know about his hunt and have helped him interrogate and kill ISIS suspects.

As Iraqi forces advanced toward the lieutenant's village last year in the lead-up to Mosul, he began interrogating captured ISIS suspects.

'Most of them I just asked questions,' he said, 'but for those who I knew had blood on their hands, I killed them on the spot.'

He said he has killed more than 40 militants, whether in combat or in interrogations on the sidelines of the battle. He acknowledged most were not directly responsible for his relatives' deaths.

'I'm not selfish with my revenge, what I'm doing is for all Iraqis,' he said.

Early on in the Mosul operation, he said he learned that one of the two men was in Tal Afar, a town west of Mosul that remains in ISIS hands, or had fled to Syria.

In early July, as Iraqi forces pushed into Mosul's Old City, he received a tip on the location of the second man. He said a colleague, an intelligence officer, called and said he was holding an ISIS suspect from the lieutenant's home town.

'I told him don't do anything, keep him there. I'm on my way,' the lieutenant said.

The detainee was the uncle of the lieutenant's second target. The man was left alone with the lieutenant in a bare concrete room without a table or chair.

'I didn't torture him. I cut the plastic handcuffs from his wrists and gave him water,' the lieutenant said. The man was elderly, with a grey beard and hair.

'He begged me not to kill him as I questioned him,' he said, smiling. 'He could barely walk (he was so scared).'

Eventually, the man told the lieutenant that his second target was alive and in Mosul's Old City.

'After I questioned him I sent him to hell,' the lieutenant said flatly. He said he shot the man with his side arm and left his body on the floor.

The first reports of revenge killings appeared within weeks of the launch of the Mosul operation last year and continued throughout. But the government and rights groups do not have an exact number.

In June, Human Rights Watch said at least 26 bodies of blindfolded and handcuffed men had been found dumped in government-held areas in and around Mosul. A month later, HRW said it had further reports of extrajudicial killings. Wille of Human Rights Watch said it was taking place 'basically everywhere that is touched by this conflict' and by every armed force involved in the fight.

The military says troops have orders to hand any captured ISIS over for interrogation ahead of future trial.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Tuesday acknowledged that rights violations took place during the Iraqi forces' battle in Mosul but described them as 'individual acts' by persons who were either 'ignorant' of the consequences or who had struck a deal with Daesh with the intent 'to defame us and the security forces.'

He pledged the government would punish the perpetrators.

The lieutenant dismissed the idea of going to the courts, saying they are corrupt and suspects could bribe their way to freedom.

'I know some people believe that this kind of killing is wrong, but Daesh, they are not human beings,' he said. 'I am the one who still has my humanity.'

When al-Abadi declared 'total victory' in Mosul last week, the lieutenant said he believed his target is still in one of the last ISIS pockets in the Old City.

'I hope I find him alive,' he said, 'because I want to make sure he dies a slow death, not quick. I want him to tell me where my father's body is buried, and then I want to take his body and hang it from a post in my village.' 

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Sennels Effect Seen in Leicester as Dad is Perforated next to Sleeping Son.

The Sennels Effect is the curious, but now not unfamiliar, phenomenon of some minor contretemps escalating into psychotic butchery due to one or both of the protagonists belonging to the cult of Mohammed. It is named after Nicolai Sennels, a criminal psychologist who worked with Muslim prisoners in Denmark's penal system &, while there, observed several key psychological defects in the Muslim that separates him from the Westerner.

These defects are comprehensively described in an essay of his written for the New English Review in May 2010 but a brief summary would be: a propensity to resort to violence, a hair trigger temper & a fragile ego, incapable of dealing with defiance. This combination often proves lethal & very nearly did in Leicester, in January, in a story that amply demonstrates the Sennels Effect & the intellectual depredations wrought by cousin marriage in Islam &, tangentially, the English capacity for understatement, as can be seen in this report from the Leicester Mercury today:

Leicester man accused of stabbing his sleeping brother-in-law 18 times in front of family
Alleged attack so ferocious the large carving knife Faheen Majeed was said to have been wielding snapped in two

A man is on trial for attempting to stab his brother-in-law to death in front of his wife and two young children.

Faheen Majeed began repeatedly striking Mohammad Zaid 18 times, as he slept in bed next to his wife and two-year-old daughter, it was claimed.

The alleged attack was so ferocious the large carving knife he was said to have been wielding snapped in two. Blood was splattered on the walls, floor and door, Leicester Crown Court was told.

Mr Zaid, whose four-year-old son was in another bed in the room, suffered multiple stab wounds, mainly to his head and neck. As well as having the injuries sutured, the alleged victim underwent an operation to repair a deep wound on the back of his left hand.

Majeed (30) denies attempted murder, when he was staying as a guest in Mr Zaid’s home in Humberstone Drive, Leicester, on January 21.

'Pretty nasty stuff'

James Varley, prosecuting, told the jury: "The defendant stabbed him 18 times mainly to the head and neck – pretty nasty stuff.

"Majeed is married to Mr Zaid's sister and Mr Zaid is married to the defendant's sister.

"Majeed and his wife had fallen out, putting Mr Zaid in a difficult situation."

In January, the defendant was living apart from his wife, following an assault upon her, which he later admitted at court, the jury was told.

Majeed, formerly of Constance Road, Leicester, told the jury Mr Zaid was actually the aggressor and he had acted in self-defence.

He said the injuries suffered by his brother-in-law happened as he struggled to disarm him.

Giving evidence in his defence he also suggested Mr Zaid "planned" the incident to get him into trouble.

Majeed, a father-of-three, said he had known Mr Zaid for a long time and they had previously lived in the same house in Portugal for seven years.

Leicester Crown Court, where the trial continues.

Under cross-examination, Mr Varley asked him: "Are you saying, as you tried to protect yourself Mr Zaid stabbed himself on the back and top of his head and neck 18 times?"

Majeed said: "When he fell down he was pulling towards me and I was pulling towards him."

'Maybe he planned to injure himself to get me into trouble'

Speaking through an interpreter, the defendant also said: "When I went to his room he was standing up, he said 'Why are you coming into my room, my family is in here,' and he attacked me.

"That's when I injured my hand, then I grabbed hold of his wrist and, in the struggle, he must have got injured. We weren't in one position, at times he was on top of me and I was on top of him.

"Maybe he planned to injure himself to get me into trouble."

Mr Varley said: "If he's holding the knife at all times, which is your case, and if your hand is over his left wrist at all times, how does he stab himself here (on the back of his left hand)?"

Majeed said: "I don't know how he injured himself there."

The trial continues

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